Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Jessica Burciaga's signature look!

One of my favorite models is Jessica Burciaga.  She's been on the scene for awhile now.  From what I know she gained popularity on Myspace (remember those day?!) and was featured on The Girls Next Door after Holly Madison discovered her on Myspace.  Anyway, the girl is absolutely stunning and flawless!  Recently, she's even begun to be compared to Jennifer Lopez.  I found her Youtube channel (MsJessicaBurciaga) and although there are only a few videos and snippets, I found this awesome makeup tutorial featuring Jessica.  Her makeup artist, Etienne Ortega, does an amazing job of showing us viewers exactly how he gets Jessica's signature smokey nighttime look.  It is simple and glamorous.  I have included the video below.  Feel free to check out the video and don't forget to check out Jessica Burciaga's channel!

xoxo, Michelle G