Monday, May 26, 2014

Honeymoon Booked!

Happy Memorial Day!  I am very happy to have a day off from work today but still managed to wake up early.  So I thought I had some good quiet time to share the good news!  We booked our honeymoon!

Our wedding is now a little under 4 months away and we needed to get the ball rolling as far as our honeymoon planning.  I have 2 weeks off after the wedding that I already scheduled off from work.  I wanted to have a nice long break after all the prepping and planning was over.  Originally, we had thought we would be going on a cruise to Bermuda but decided against it because we wanted to just enjoy one place and stay on land.  Plus we were interested in going to an all-inclusive resort, where we would pay for everything upfront and not have to leave the resort or worry about food/beverage costs later on.  

I love to plan trips.  So as soon as we decided to do an all inclusive I immediately went online to find the best vacation package.  I was looking for something affordable and nice in a good location and directly on the beach.  We are on a budget as far as wedding savings so I had a certain price in mind that I knew we could not go over.  After searching different websites, comparing prices, tweaking dates, changing our minds completely, and then some more searching and comparing I finally found us the perfect place... Montego Bay, Jamaica!  I have only been to Jamaica once for a few hours during a cruise many years ago.  So this will be a nice time to really enjoy the island once again and experience the beautiful white sand beaches.  We will be staying for 6 nights at the Riu Montego Bay resort.  We have stayed at other Riu resorts in the past and found them to be a really nice value. 

Beautiful Jamaican beach

Dunn's River Falls- I hope Pete and I get to climb up it!

The resort! Right on the beach like I need!

The pools..I can't wait to be in them!

Some quick tips that I have for planning a honeymoon:

1. Check up on weather patterns! - We knew ahead of time that September in the Caribbean is rainy/hurricane season so we took that into consideration when choosing our location. We found that compared to some other places, Jamaica was less rainy and has experienced the least amount of hurricanes.  In reading other traveler reviews they mentioned that the little bit of rain experienced did not interfere with their vacation enjoyment.  If your concerned about the weather during your honeymoon make sure you look for locations that have good/tolerable weather for the time of year you want.  If the price seems too good to be true make sure it's not because of the season.  

2. Look at all the options - I used the help of 3 different websites when researching vacation packages.  I found that different websites have different deals and price points for the same hotels.  I used Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline websites.  I found that one of these sites offered better flights and accommodations for lower prices on the same exact vacation packages.  Take the time to look at all the options and choose the best site to purchase your package.

The wedding is starting to get close... I'm very excited and even more so now that our wonderful romantic honeymoon is booked.  I can't wait to share that in a future post!  


Michelle G

Only 111 days to go!