Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Jessica Burciaga's signature look!

One of my favorite models is Jessica Burciaga.  She's been on the scene for awhile now.  From what I know she gained popularity on Myspace (remember those day?!) and was featured on The Girls Next Door after Holly Madison discovered her on Myspace.  Anyway, the girl is absolutely stunning and flawless!  Recently, she's even begun to be compared to Jennifer Lopez.  I found her Youtube channel (MsJessicaBurciaga) and although there are only a few videos and snippets, I found this awesome makeup tutorial featuring Jessica.  Her makeup artist, Etienne Ortega, does an amazing job of showing us viewers exactly how he gets Jessica's signature smokey nighttime look.  It is simple and glamorous.  I have included the video below.  Feel free to check out the video and don't forget to check out Jessica Burciaga's channel!

xoxo, Michelle G 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 2012 Favorites!

I am such a slacker when it comes to my YT channel!  I haven't done a new video in a while so I decided to do an August Favorites featuring some of the products that I have been using this summer especially this past month!  I'm posting the video below feel free to check it out and subscribe to my channel (it's free!).

Enjoy! ;)

xo, Michelle G

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yankees vs. Orioles

It's hard to believe that I have lived less than an hour from the Bronx my whole life and have never attended a Yankees game.  Sports are not really my thing and even though everyone in my family has been to a Yankees game I have never managed to actually go to the stadium and see one myself.  This past Labor Day Weekend I finally got a chance to go to a game!  There's really no point to my post just that I'm excited that I finally went lol.  It was a great day and I really lucked out with where I sat.  I blindly bought these Yankees tickets without knowing anything about how the seating was.  Not only did I have a pretty decent seat but lucky for me I got to be in the shade too! Being that it was over 90 degrees that day being in the shade made a big difference!  Lastly, the Yankees won 4-3 against the Orioles in a really good game.  

View from my seat
Reppin the Yankees! Me & Pete
Anyway, that's pretty much it.  Like I said there really is no point to this post aside from sharing my Yankees experience lol.  Hope everyone enjoys their LDW!

xo, Michelle G

Sunday, July 22, 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoos

Maybelline came out with "Color Tattoos" a few months ago. I have seen the color tattoos featured in a number of hauls but only now just picked up my very first one. I opted for the "Bad to the Bronze" color because it is a safe color and I know I am more likely to use it rather than the purple or green one. They come in an array of 10 different colors though.

Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
So I basically just picked it up without knowing much about the product.  In looking up more information about the color tattoos I found out that it a cream gel eyeshadow that is long lasting.  Maybelline advertises that it has 24 hour intensity with vibrant color that doesn't fade.  We shall see!

My first impression is that these are very much like the MAC Paint Pots.  I own a few of the paint pots which is why I wasn't in a big rush to buy the color tattoos.  They both essentially do the same thing.  They start off as cream eyeshadows that dry into a nice powder form.  I'm not a big fan of cream eyeshadows by themselves but I do use them as a base color from time to time.  The consistency of the color tattoos and paint pots are pretty similar.  I didn't notice a big difference in how they felt.     

Bad to the Bronze color swatch! Very shimmery!

The one big thing I am interested in testing out with this product is their 24 hour intensity claim.  Now as I mentioned before if I use a cream eyeshadow I usually use it as a base for another similar color.  I find that it helps make the powder eyeshadow stick better (especially when using loose pigments).  It also helps to build up the color to look more vibrant.  For the color tattoos I wanted to do a 24 hour color challenge to see just how intense the color looks after I have worn it 24 hours.  Unfortunately, the pictures I took of my eye throughout the day did not come out very well :( But I did keep on my eye-makeup for 24 hours (slept with it on and everything!).  Using an eye primer, the color tattoo stayed in place for 12 hours without it looking faded or creasing!  I also rubbed my eye and there was no residue on my finger.  After a full night's sleep (24 hours later) the tattoo was looking a little faded but it was still on with no creases.

To sum it up:   

Pros: Easy to find in drugstores, affordable, lasts long without creasing as advertised.
Cons: Limited colors compared to MAC paint pots, tend to look a little dry
Would I repurchase? Probably not unless I really needed one of the bright colors for a base.  However, it is a decent cheaper alternative to the MAC paint pots.

Friday, July 6, 2012

REVIEW: Salmon Concealer & Treatment by Eve Pearl


For the past 2 weeks I have been using a brand new concealer made by Eve Pearl.  It is called the Salmon Concealer & Treatment.  According to the Eve Pearl website, the concealer uses the pinky/peach or "salmon" color to neutralize the dark blue undertones that are found under your eye.  The concealer is also safe for sensitive skin because it has no harsh fragrance, parabens, or oil.  It is also cruelty free :)
Salmon Concealer with mirror compact in Medium
I have been looking for a good concealer for over a year ever since they discontinued my favorite drugstore concealer.  I have tried so many concealers this year like Maybelline, CoverGirl, Almay and L'Oreal.  No matter what I never had enough coverage and I could still see dark circles under my eyes.  I decided I needed to look into investing money for a better quality concealer.  I had tried the Salmon Concealer at an Eve Pearl booth during IMATS and loved it so much.  It had been sold out that day though.  I decided that if I was going to invest in a good concealer I would try this one first since I already knew how good it was. 
My dark under eye circles in various light

My under eye circles after using the Salmon concealer and a translucent powder
I am so happy with this concealer!  It leaves no trace of under eye darkness when applied correctly.  It is suggested you tap it on under your eye with the tip of your ring finger rather than rubbing it in.  This tapping method also allows you to build the coverage you need while blending the concealer into your skin for a seamless look.  The texture of the concealer is very creamy and almost feels like a moisturizer for your eyes.  After you put on the concealer you should make sure to set it with a translucent powder as shown in the picture above.

To sum it up:

Pros: Great coverage, safe for skin, 
Cons: Not readily available in stores, expensive
Would I repurchase? YES!!!

Check out the Eve Pearl website for more info on the concealer and also check out the rest of the makeup line!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips for Growing Thicker, Fuller Hair

It is no secret how much I loathe my hair.  It is really thin, fine, limp, and lifeless.  I would trade hair with just about anyone really.    I went to the dermatologist to see if there was anything that could be causing me to lose hair or if there was a medicine they could give me that would help me grow back my hair.  The doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me and that the texture of my hair had changed.  Fine, thin hair is my new hair texture and I am just going to have to learn to deal. (Bummer!).  There are some products that I have become familiar with that have helped my hair appear fuller and thicker as well as helped me grow more hair.  

Big Sexy Hair Products: I have been using Big Sexy Hair shampoo, conditioner and root pump for the past 2 years.  I really like these products because they help give my hair volume, especially the root pump!  The root pump is put in your damp roots and then you blow dry your hair for mega volume!  Sometimes the products can be a bit pricey but I have been able to find them at Marshalls or TJMaxx for reduced prices.  In general, I always buy volumizing hair products but if you are interested in a specific brand you can try these!  

Paul Mitchell Strength Super Strong Daily Treatment

Paul Mitchell Strength: I did a YT video about the Paul Mitchell Strength Super Strong hair products.  These products are designed specifically to help strengthen, smooth and repair hair.   When I noticed a lot of fallout in the shower and on my bed pillow, I started using the shampoo, conditioner and liquid leave in treatment.  I noticed within the first 2 weeks that my amount of fallout had significantly decreased!  I was so excited!!    

Nioxin Scalp Treatment 2

Nioxin Scalp Treatment (#2):   This was another shampoo/conditioner and leave in foam treatment I used as well.  This treatment (#2) was specifically for natural fine hair that is noticeably thinning.  There are different numbers for different hair textures.  The treatment helps to repair the hair shaft from inside out using a combination of vitamins for the scalp. 
*One thing about the foam leave in serum is that too much will make your dry hair feel greasy!*

Nubian Heritage Grow & Strengthen Treatment Masque

 Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Masque:  I use this before I wash my hair.  I wet my hair and then coat it in this hair masque for 15-30 minutes before I take my shower.  It helps condition my hair and leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.  It says it helps to grow and strengthen by stopping breakage.  I try to use this masque at least 1-2 times per week.  You can find it at Target in the ethnic hair product aisle. 

 Minoxidil a.k.a. Rogaine:  I use 2% Minoxidil on my hair every time I wash it.  After I towel dry my hair I add 2 full squirts of the Minoxidil all over my scalp.  I have had the most success with this and have experienced increased hair growth within 4 weeks of using it!  There is Minoxidil with a higher percentage but those are often marketed for men.  I would be hesitant to use a stronger percentage of Minoxidil because of possible side effects including increased body hair.  The only downside of using Minoxidil is that once you start you can't stop.  If you start Minoxidil, grow back hair and then decide to stop taking it, all the hair you grew will eventually begin to fall out.  I know this from personal experience.  I was using Minoxidil for awhile about 3 years ago and had grown hair.  I decided after some time that I didn't need to use it anymore because I had grown hair.  Within a year I realized I had lost most if not all the hair I had grown.   I was devastated!  

Left Pic: My hair after using Minoxidil Right Pic: My hair 6 months after stopping Minoxidil
 In January of this year, I started using Minoxidil again on a regular basis and I grew back a significant amount of the hair I had lost.  So I will have to continue to use this treatment to maintain my hair growth.  I am nowhere near to having a full head of thick, gorgeous Kim K hair but it's fuller than it was!   *One side effect is a tender scalp that tends to get a little itchy sometimes.  However, an itchy scalp is a small price to pay for having a little more hair on my head.* 


Biotin: I was introduced to Biotin by a hair dresser who cut my hair.  She suggested that I try taking it because she heard from other clients that it was good for hair.  Biotin is basically a water soluble B-vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.  It increases hair elasticity which helps to stop breakage/fall out.  It helps make your hair shiny and healthy.  In addition, it also helps your nails grow faster and stronger.  It also helps make your skin look healthy and clear.  I won't get into a long scientific paragraph because you can research it more if you are interested.  Here is a useful article I found online.  I get my Biotin at CVS, Walgreens, etc.  You can find it in most drugstores where they sell natural supplements and vitamins.  It is also a reasonable price; not expensive.  If you have any hesitation or questions I would contact my dermatologist to make sure it is safe for you to use.  However, I have not had any problems taking this supplement. 

Good luck with your hair growth and care!!!   

-xo, Michelle G