Friday, October 15, 2010

#1: Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Review

I just posted my YT review on Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Foundation.  I figured I would also do a review on this blog. 

I was first introduced to this brand a few years ago when they had a kiosk set up at my mall.  The rep did a complete makeover on me using all of their products.  I ended up buying the Mineral Foundation in Cappuccino.  On the company website, the foundation retails for $64.95.  This seems correct because I remember dropping $$$$ that night on the foundation as well as 2 eyeshadows.  Eyeshadows retail for $14.95 on the company website.

Anyway, I'm a big fan for mineral foundation because I think its the easiest to use.  I never used foundation in HS and even most of college.  When I started using it my first foundations were mineral ones.  They don't cake up easily and they are usually matte which soaked up any oil on my face.  They also didn't cause any breakouts because they don't clog my pores the way a liquid foundation would.

Micabella Mineral Foundation has lasted me a long time.  I don't use it everyday but I use it enough, especially on days when my skin looks good and I just need a sweep of foundation to even out my skintone.  While it is a bit pricey, if you are looking for a good product and want to check it out I definitely suggest it.  

Check out my YT review on this product!


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