Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fort Tryon Park

My previous post cast a spotlight on the vendor chosen for my wedding photos and video. Today's post is all about Fort Tryon, the park we chose to have our engagement photo session. First of all, I never ever thought I would be doing something like this! It's one thing to take a nice photo but quite another to be front and center in a photoshoot! I am so glad Pete will be there with me so we can have fun with it. 

When we decided to do the photo session we realized we had to come up with a great location. Since we both really love nature and picnics we felt a lovely park would fit our personalities best. We debated between a couple of parks but it was our vendor, George Street, that suggested Fort Tryon Park.  Fort Tryon Park overlooks the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. I had never been inside that park although I have passed it by many times before. We looked up some beautiful engagement photos online done at that park and were blown away. It was the perfect choice.  Since we both had never actually been in the park we decided to check it out. The park is so beautiful with amazing views of the river and bridge as well as gorgeous architecture and gardens. I am so glad we took the time really scout out the park for photo ops.  We ended up having our own mini photo session.  Below I posted some pictures from it.  Enjoy!

Me in the top right corner

Beautiful architecture and Heather Gardens 

George Washington Bridge

Pete's turn

Pete again

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: George Street Photo & Video


Our wedding is almost 1 year away and I am starting to get really anxious to start all the wedding preparations. Up until now we have only set our date and venue. It felt silly to start planning everything so soon with well over a year before the wedding. But now that the 1 year mark is coming close I am finally feeling ready to really dig in and get the ball rolling. Time for the fun to begin! 
Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

Our wedding will be September 2014. September and October are 2 of the most popular wedding months so I knew we had to start the vendor search with photographers and videographers because they book up way in advance. I spent a nice portion of my summer nights researching all the preferred photo and video people my venue suggested. I also spent time stalking my married facebook friends to see what photographer/videographer they used for their weddings. 

Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

I had an idea of what I wanted my pictures and video to look like. I have really fallen in love with the photojournalistic approach and romantic poses. I wanted to make sure I chose a team that would give us exactly what we wanted. We will look back on these photos and videos for many years and so it was super important for us to make sure we get that. 

Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

My mother was the one who actually found the website to George Street Photo & Video and sent me a link.  It wasn't one of the suggested companies or one that I had found off a friend. George Street is a great company that works with couples all over the US.  They have many offices and photographers and really offer a great service.  

Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

I was initially drawn to the beauty and quality of the work they did. I loved the angles, the clarity, the vision of the photographers. I watched some of the videos and was blown away by their work as well. They had what I was looking for. 

Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

Now George Street was not the first company I had fallen in love with. There were a nice handful of companies that I had listed as possibilities but their prices were astronomical and out of our price budget set for photo/video. So I was half expecting the same for this company but was pleasantly surprised to find that the prices were not just reasonable but totally in our budget! So I sent them an online inquiry to get more information. After speaking with a rep we were assigned a wedding coordinator to meet with and go over the packages and choose a photographer. We were given an online style assessment (which I took alone without Peter lol) prior to meeting so they can match us up to photographers who match our style preference. I thought this was a fabulous idea since I had no clue what my style was. Our coordinator, Natalie, showed us a few portfolios based off our results. We fell in love with the work of the second photographer we saw.  (Erik G. portfolio <---this is the photographer we chose! I love his work!)

Then we looked at the videos and agreed on adding video to our package as well. I love how they edit the videos to make it look like a movie or tv show lol. 

Picture taken from George Street online portfolio

The package we chose included a free 90 minute photo session that we are planning to use for engagement pictures. I wasn't planning on doing engagement pictures but since it's included we figured why not? So that gives us a new project: prepping this photo session. I will save that for another blog post though.

Sorry if this got a little long and ranty but there is just so much to mention!! Hope you enjoyed! And look out for my upcoming posts! 

Michelle G

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