Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Wedding Rings

Time is flying by since June and my wedding is creeping up sooner and sooner as each day goes by. I sent out wedding invitations last week and have already started to get back RSVP's. I get so excited opening the mail to see those cute little response envelopes and guessing who it is from. But that is another post I will do soon. Today I am so happy to report that our wedding rings have been ordered/purchased. I really hoped to get this done last month but we just got done with it all yesterday.

My Ring

I knew right away that I wanted a ring that would match well with my engagement ring because I would like to wear both of them together. So I decided that an eternity band would work best. I decided against an eternity band with diamonds all around because 1) I am told by many people that the stones on the bottom tend to fall out and need repair from hitting it against tables, opening doors and just every day wear and tear.  2) because if it has stones all around it you cannot resize it. So you are stuck with one size which if you gain weight or lose weight could become a problem.  I chose to have my eternity band with half band of stones and bottom half just plain 14k white gold. I also wanted a very slim and tiny band that wouldn't take away from the engagement ring which is my bling bling ring (lol!).  I started looking for what I wanted online and comparing prices. We are definitely on a wedding budget and had a certain number in mind of what we wanted to spend for both rings.  As we looked in different jewelry stores it was pretty obvious I would either have to plunk out more money than expected or I had to choose something I wasn't crazy about. Enter my mother to the rescue! She has truly been amazing and came up with a wonderful solution. My parents have been divorced for some time now. However, on their 10 yr anniversary she got a beautiful diamond ring with lots of larger sized stones.  Since she is no longer married and doesn't wear the ring she was so kind and thoughtful enough to offer to give me half of the stones in the ring to have my jeweler create an eternity band for me. This saved me lots of money because I just had to pay for the gold and the work to make it. Aside from saving lots of money this way, I was touched by the sentimental value of those stones and how unselfishly my mother gave me them. She will save the rest of the stones for my sister if she wants them for her own wedding or for another piece of jewelry.  I love it. I am so excited to pick it up. I am so excited for my wedding!

This is exactly what I was looking for.  Something simple and very thin
This is essentially what my rings will look like once its completed only slightly larger stones (thanks momma!) :) 

Peter's Ring

Peter debated for a while about what he wanted for his ring but he knew right away he didn't want any stones in his and wanted it on the plainer side.  The first ring that we saw for him was a beautiful two tone ring with white gold inside lined with yellow gold and mil grain detail on the edges.  But then he started leaning toward a solid yellow gold band on our second trip to look at rings and decided against any type of mil grain or textured finish.  BUT THEN he saw a really nice white gold band with a brushed texture with polished white gold on the edges and I was sure he was going to go with that one.  BUT THEN he changed his mind again at the last minute and ultimately decided to go with a simple white gold band.  We pick it up in 2 weeks because it needs to be resized and polished. Once we pick it up I am planning to get it engraved with our first initials and our wedding date ♡

Pete's ring will look just like this one.. 14K WG
The wedding is so close. I will have so many things to discuss in the upcoming weeks as everything starts to really kick off. Thanks to everyone who has read my blog and followed my journey to the altar. I love blogging and hope to continue blogging about my life as a married woman! Only 68 days til that happens!! 

Til next time,