Wednesday, August 6, 2014

38 days left rant #boogsgetmarried

There is no real focus of this post aside from some venting on my part. With only 38 days left until the wedding we are finishing up most of the last minute details. So many things to remember! As we get closer I definitely am feeling the pressure to get things done within a little bit of time.

The best thing that I ever did was not rush this entire process. I have lots of respect for the couples who pull this all together in a year or under but I am so glad that we didn't go that route. I wanted to enjoy our engagement and not feel pressured for time. But at this point I am also just anxious for it all to be over! Am I the only one feeling like that? I am almost more excited about the honeymoon to be honest lol! I consider myself to be pretty good at managing stress but boy has this past year been stressful! Between planning wedding details, moving in with Pete, adjusting to our new life, dealing with finances and ever changing schedules, being on top of the bridal party and everything else in between it's a wonder I haven't had a nervous breakdown (although I have been close). 

So what's left at this point? This week we pick up my wedding ring from the jeweler on Saturday. I am so excited to see how it came out and I will be sure to post a picture. We also still need to apply for our marriage license, choose our ceremony music and finalize table placements since we are still receiving RSVPs. And of course all the balances owed to the florist, photographer/videographer and reception venue are all due on the same day ::sigh::. 

I feel so anxious though. Anxious for the day to come, anxious to go on my honeymoon and anxious to know what we are doing moving forward. For the past year and half we have been in full wedding planning mode and our future after the wedding has been a big question mark mainly because we are first trying to get through this whole thing before adding more stressful decision making to our plates. We are planning to use this next year to really map out our life, find a suitable place to settle down and figure out what our future will look like. But since I tend to be a control freak just winging things has been hard for me since I always try to be 10 steps ahead. My goal for the next 38 days is to just "chill out" and not freak. Everything will get done and everything will be great the day of the wedding. 

There is not much else to blog about before the big day although my bachelorette weekend is coming up next week. That will likely be my last post before the wedding day. Thank you everyone who has read my blog thus far and followed my little journey to the altar. I hope you will continue reading my blog. And if you leave me a link to your own blog I would love to read it too. Thanks again!

Til next post,
Michelle G

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